Does it Really Matter?

Among all the speculation that has occurred over the last couple of weeks regarding Roger Penske’s purchase of IndyCar, IMS and IMS Production there is one that doesn’t interest me in the least. I’m very curious to learn of the big-picture plans that Penske has for both. I’m also anxious to learn about the little […]

What to Change, What to Keep

During Monday’s press conference to announce that Roger Penske had bought the racing portfolio of Hulman and Company (IndyCar, IMS and IMS Productions), Penske made a point to say that he will go around different departments within all three entities and have them tell what they think needs improving. By the time the sale is […]

The Sale

Where do I begin? It’s been roughly forty-eight hours since we learned that Roger Penske has purchased the NTT IndyCar Series and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from the Hulman-George family. But even after a couple of days, I’m still having a little trouble sorting all of this out in my head. I don’t think it […]