Does anyone at the races and tracks ever ask Lightning about “Chester Whipplefilter?”

These days if the questions Lightning gets asked at the track aren’t about Cruz, he’s significantly less inclined to answer them–if you’re a media person. He’s more generous with his fans, of course. BUT if you ask about Chester Whipplefilter he still doesn’t really have a… graceful answer… for you. Mostly you just get awkward laughter. He and Cruz have since reconnected with Miss Fritter and the gang and Lightning has slowly trained himself out of feeling heartstopping terror any time Thunder Hollow gets mentioned, but there’s a ways to go with that yet. XD

If you were one of the first to ask about it–generally, those cars who were Piston Cup fans but also Thunder Hollow locals/regulars–you probably came away from the encounter vaguely insulted, because of the degree to which Lightning Did Not Want To Talk About It. All you wanted to do was tell him you thought he did awesome! And Chick’s show sucks anyway! Lightning wasn’t outwardly disparaging of the experience but the conversation, brief as it was, still left a sour taste in your mouth. You weren’t really sure how to feel about LMQ for a while after that, because you’re grassroots to your core and Thunder Hollow is BAE.

But after LMQ had time to calm down about it more and had given subsequent interviews and/or fan interactions that then got dissected on Reddit, you understood where he was coming from a bit more, and he understood where he was coming from a bit more, and everything turned out chill. You went right back to being a 95 fan. (But a Fritter Fan First. Forever and always!!!)

Next time the Piston Cup comes to Florida, you’re committed to getting LMQ to sign merch with “Chester Whipplefilter.”