Since NASCAR switched to fuel injection in 201…

Since NASCAR switched to fuel injection in 2012 and McQueen entered the Piston Cup in 2006, would McQueen have a carburetor? If Sally told Cruz that McQueen was having a few issues with his carburetor, would Cruz (who is a 2017 model with fuel injection) ask, “What’s a carburetor?”. Thanks!

The number of agents for top level Piston Cup …

The number of agents for top level Piston Cup agents must be small. Do you think Harv ever interacts with the agents of the other racers? Also, now that Lightning McQueen is an employee of Dinoco Inc. and off the track for a while, would the Dinoco lawyers contact Harv about a contract renegotiation about who currently has rights to Lightning’s image and related stuff? Didn’t Lightning sign over over a lot of that to Harv while a rookie? Thanks!

(Omg, sorry for the world’s latest response, especially since this is such a great ask AND it’s about 


@masked-king-dedede​ wrote an absolutely perfect and fantastic fanfic about Harv getting drinks with Chick’s agent, which can be found here:


Harv’s favorite pastime as the World’s Greatest Agent is unwinding with a stiff drink and what can pass for a friend on a Friday night.

A few weeks ago I was looking up my newest favorite NASCAR Cup backrunner team, Spire Motorsports, and discovered that the parent company Spire is actually a talent agency for actors, musicians, and–yup–race car drivers. Like, a lot of race car drivers. A lot of racecar drivers who are all competing against each other in one national association for stock car auto racing. XDD I mean, I imagine they’re all represented by different agents employed with Spire, but given that in the Cars universe things are more simplified and the tasks of many humans tend to boil down to the task of one (1) anthropomorphic car, I was like, HAHAHA I BET YOU HARV REPRESENTS OTHER PISTON CUP RACERS IN ADDITION TO LIGHTNING. (Conflict of interest? What conflict of interest?)

He probably takes pride in his ability to fine-tune his strategy to the vagaries of each of his clients, and set up exactly the right kind of publicity that would play to their particular nature and strengths as a marketable entity. Lightning is by far Harv’s most high-profile client–and his favorite, though he’s not allowed to say that to anyone but Lightning. (Also, he tells everyone that they’re his favorite.)

Anyway! Back to your actual ask. XD Even though he’s taking a hiatus from the circuit, Lightning is obviously still very much a public figure, and he’s the kind of racer with such an investment in the sport that he’s probably never going to fade from view. So Lightning definitely still needs Harv. That and he also very definitely signed a crazy absolutely whackadoo contract with Harv his rookie year, lololol, where, likely in addition to Harv’s actual contract fees, Harv also gets 

  • 10% of Lightning’s winnings
  • 10% of Lightning’s merch earnings 
  • and appears to also hold the rights to any ancillary properties that might emerge from Lightning (movies, books, comics, and since we’re talking cars, probably throwback paint schemes, etc.) 


F O R E V E R.

I’ve mentioned this before, in that it’s unclear whether that means 10% of the total pot or 10% of Lightning’s personal cut of it, but lolllll regardless I’ll bet Harv makes more money off Lightning than Lightning does.

Is Dinoco chill with that? I mean, they’re probably not thrilled, but in terms of Dinoco’s overall investment profile, the entirety of Rusteze Racing and Lightning McQueen likely aren’t but a drop in the bucket. Like the Hendrick car dealerships versus Hendrick Motorsports, for Dinoco anything related to racing is probably where the money gets spent, not where it gets earned. Even fielding a championship-caliber team. Tex got that big Texas oil $$$$$. XD 

So if hiring Lightning comes with some weird account that basically hemorrhages money into the cupholders of one random singular agent guy, so be it. And if Dinoco wants to use Lighting’s image for promotion or, say, ancillary properties? Who is Harv to complain. XD He’s only been waiting ELEVEN YEARS to play at Dinoco’s big boy table!

I'm so upset for ross chastain to win and…

I'm so upset for ross chastain to win and have it taken away is bullshit I feel so bad for him wish I could give him a hug he must just be so upset by all of this he is damn if he does and damn if he doesn't fuck this sucks so damn badly for me I was so happy for him and then this now unreal new rules I hate them nobody else has their win taken away but nascar has there favorites and they pick on Ross I know they do any hoo I love him with all my heart he's such a good person

MOOD from me and my friends I was watching the race with, too. :((( It’s so rough. I don’t think it has to do with NASCAR favorites, though–if the game were rigged in that way, my wager is it’d be rigged in his favor, not against. He’s the kind of story and personality and talent NASCAR wants, and he has one of the biggest fan followings of the Trucks/Xfinity guys. It just happened that this is the first case of the harsher consequences in the new rules package.

The team is appealing the ruling, but I don’t really high hopes. I’m pretty sure no one (in Cup) who appealed last year got anything out of it. I didn’t really keep track, but I know for sure neither Elliott nor Larson got their appeals approved for their L1 penalties.

UGH it must be such an emotional rollercoaster–and a nonstop one at that. If there’s anyone who can take the hit and keep his head high and his spirits pure, though, it’s Ross Chastain. May we all aspire to be more like him. Maybe that’s the way we can get his luck to turn around. <3