races like Darlington yesterday make me glad I…

races like Darlington yesterday make me glad I don't live on the east coast

I literally began yesterday in the Pacific timezone, and arrived back in the Eastern timezone around 6PM (Eastern). EVEN THEN, THAT WAS STILL FAR TOO LATE FOR THAT NONSENSE! I dunno if it was the hour or the Darlington factor, but that race was so hard to follow. Just a constant exclamation of Francesco-style “What is happeninggggggfgfgfgfg.”

Thoughts on this year's Darlington Throwb…

Thoughts on this year's Darlington Throwback paint schemes? For me my personal favorite is Landon Cassil's #00, who is throwing it back to Sterling Marlin's #40 Coors Light Silver Bullet. I also wonder how many people are going to mistake Jimmie's car for Denny Hamlin's with that white, orange, and purple color scheme?

I have to be honest, I don’t tend to pay a lot of attention to throwback schemes. I’ve seen a number of them for this year, but I don’t think any of them have really caught my eye? I guess we’ll see how it shakes out during the race! 

Were I not at this point in the season maniacally zeroed in on Jimmie’s exact place in the field at all times, I would 100% be one of the people mistaking his throwback for Denny, though. XD I mean, come on. 99% of the time I still assume Menard is Blaney 2.0. 

aaaaa sorry for late response. there hasn&#039…

aaaaa sorry for late response. there hasn't really been internet these past few days. Stockton was awesome!! it was a long drive. We passed these dry yellow huge mountains. Rico Abreu's and Kyle Larson's merch trailers were right behind the grandstands. I got some (rather expensive but also big) rico abreu stickers and a sharpie with the KLR logo (a thin tipped one and it was absolute shit lol). Katelyn (Kyle Larson's wife) was at the merch trailer. I was like 'oh hi I know who you are'. (1/3)

(Haha, this might have been a good time to make use of Tumblr’s amazing “write a post” function, since unlike asks, they have no real word limit. XDD)

But anyway. This sounds like so much fun!!! One day I will see my weird winged friends in person. I’ve seen late models/super sports and midgets, but never my One True Dirt Love, the winged bois. What a great experience–and now you’ve been dirt baptized, haha.

re: one of the cars caught on fire, uhhhh RIP??

Dry yellow hills are my jam–quintessential California.

Hi! i'm not TMS anon, but I am generally …

Hi! i'm not TMS anon, but I am generally curious if you get to keep the pit pass lanyard? (Also, love your cars-themed room lol)

Haha, thanks. The kitchen is also very Cars, to the extent that even the good ceramic plates are Cars-themed… Ah, adulthood. When you need adult plates and you get the artsy, classy Cars dinnerware to go with your plastic Cars plates/cups. 

ANYWAY. You’ll get your pit pass in the mail (unless you elect will call, I suppose)–it will just be the ticket. If you want a lanyard, you will need to buy one. But you don’t need to have one–you can just show your pit pass at the front and then put it in your bag somewhere safe, just like your ticket. I don’t think they require you to actually wear it around once you’re in the gates. 

If you DO want a lanyard, though, I would suggest finding the flea market tents outside/nearby the speedway if they’re there. They will have perfectly good but “old” ones that are MUCH cheaper than the ones you can buy inside the speedway!!!! If we’d found the flea market earlier on in our explorations we definitely would have done that instead of paying for a “new” one lol. It’s a lanyard. It’s not like they go out of style??? (And the “old” stock still had lanyards sporting numbers/colors for current drivers, tracks, etc. There was even a Cars one I wish I’d known existed before I bought my Michigan one! But I suppose Michigan is also relevant, lol. It’s not like you’d be stuck with a Jeremy Mayfield themed lanyard or something, haha.)

moving to California tomorrow… only thing I&…

moving to California tomorrow… only thing I'm actually excited about is going to Stockton dirt track on Saturday and watching Kyle Larson be awesome. lol.

This is late, but good luck with the move! I hope you transition well and find yourself at home in no time. It made me really excited to hear you’ll get to witness KL dirt track action in the flesh!! That’s awesome!!! Be sure to tell us all about it!

I got Daniel Abt's autograph during an au…

I got Daniel Abt's autograph during an autograph session in the fanzone. As for the autographs of Alex Sims, Seb Buemi, and Di Grassi, it was before the podium ceremony when they're waiting before they go onto the podium. I just.. observed them and reached over the crowd barrier with my cap and sharpie. Right place right time, so I was incredibly lucky. Podium ceremony took place on part of the racetrack, fun to walk around the turns. I also kept some confetti I found on the ground. (2/2)

Yesssss found souvenirs like that are the BEST!!! Put that confetti in a little jar and save it forever. It’s like sacred dirt!

I really like being able to walk/drive on racetrack surfaces, too. I think it’s neat. It’s part of that whole vibe where stacks of tires and spent lugnuts and barriers and commitment cones all the inanimate accoutrements of racing make me disproportionately happy.