Since NASCAR switched to fuel injection in 201…

Since NASCAR switched to fuel injection in 2012 and McQueen entered the Piston Cup in 2006, would McQueen have a carburetor? If Sally told Cruz that McQueen was having a few issues with his carburetor, would Cruz (who is a 2017 model with fuel injection) ask, “What’s a carburetor?”. Thanks!

Since NASCAR switched to fuel injection in 201…

Since NASCAR switched to fuel injection in 2012 and McQueen entered the Piston Cup in 2006, would McQueen have a carburetor? If Sally told Cruz that McQueen was having a few issues with his carburetor, would Cruz (who is a 2017 model with fuel injection) ask, “What’s a carburetor?”. Thanks!

The number of agents for top level Piston Cup …

The number of agents for top level Piston Cup agents must be small. Do you think Harv ever interacts with the agents of the other racers? Also, now that Lightning McQueen is an employee of Dinoco Inc. and off the track for a while, would the Dinoco lawyers contact Harv about a contract renegotiation about who currently has rights to Lightning’s image and related stuff? Didn’t Lightning sign over over a lot of that to Harv while a rookie? Thanks!

(Omg, sorry for the world’s latest response, especially since this is such a great ask AND it’s about 


@masked-king-dedede​ wrote an absolutely perfect and fantastic fanfic about Harv getting drinks with Chick’s agent, which can be found here:


Harv’s favorite pastime as the World’s Greatest Agent is unwinding with a stiff drink and what can pass for a friend on a Friday night.

A few weeks ago I was looking up my newest favorite NASCAR Cup backrunner team, Spire Motorsports, and discovered that the parent company Spire is actually a talent agency for actors, musicians, and–yup–race car drivers. Like, a lot of race car drivers. A lot of racecar drivers who are all competing against each other in one national association for stock car auto racing. XDD I mean, I imagine they’re all represented by different agents employed with Spire, but given that in the Cars universe things are more simplified and the tasks of many humans tend to boil down to the task of one (1) anthropomorphic car, I was like, HAHAHA I BET YOU HARV REPRESENTS OTHER PISTON CUP RACERS IN ADDITION TO LIGHTNING. (Conflict of interest? What conflict of interest?)

He probably takes pride in his ability to fine-tune his strategy to the vagaries of each of his clients, and set up exactly the right kind of publicity that would play to their particular nature and strengths as a marketable entity. Lightning is by far Harv’s most high-profile client–and his favorite, though he’s not allowed to say that to anyone but Lightning. (Also, he tells everyone that they’re his favorite.)

Anyway! Back to your actual ask. XD Even though he’s taking a hiatus from the circuit, Lightning is obviously still very much a public figure, and he’s the kind of racer with such an investment in the sport that he’s probably never going to fade from view. So Lightning definitely still needs Harv. That and he also very definitely signed a crazy absolutely whackadoo contract with Harv his rookie year, lololol, where, likely in addition to Harv’s actual contract fees, Harv also gets 

  • 10% of Lightning’s winnings
  • 10% of Lightning’s merch earnings 
  • and appears to also hold the rights to any ancillary properties that might emerge from Lightning (movies, books, comics, and since we’re talking cars, probably throwback paint schemes, etc.) 


F O R E V E R.

I’ve mentioned this before, in that it’s unclear whether that means 10% of the total pot or 10% of Lightning’s personal cut of it, but lolllll regardless I’ll bet Harv makes more money off Lightning than Lightning does.

Is Dinoco chill with that? I mean, they’re probably not thrilled, but in terms of Dinoco’s overall investment profile, the entirety of Rusteze Racing and Lightning McQueen likely aren’t but a drop in the bucket. Like the Hendrick car dealerships versus Hendrick Motorsports, for Dinoco anything related to racing is probably where the money gets spent, not where it gets earned. Even fielding a championship-caliber team. Tex got that big Texas oil $$$$$. XD 

So if hiring Lightning comes with some weird account that basically hemorrhages money into the cupholders of one random singular agent guy, so be it. And if Dinoco wants to use Lighting’s image for promotion or, say, ancillary properties? Who is Harv to complain. XD He’s only been waiting ELEVEN YEARS to play at Dinoco’s big boy table!

Lightning McQueen and Disney Pixar Cars Expose…

Lightning McQueen and Disney Pixar Cars Expose My Day Job:

Yesterday I called my dad for father’s day and he was telling me that he and my brother were trying to go see a movie but they couldn’t find anything that my brother hadn’t already seen that looked actually good.

So I replied, matter of factly, that it was because we peaked as a society with Cars 3 and there will never be any good movies ever again.

To support my claim, I bring you… this article, which is written by a bona fide industrial modeling/simulation engineer. He uses Cars (and Pixar’s reality-accurate race footage!!) to explain what it is his job even is. So awesome!!

– (RIP Tumblr’s <HR /> in rich-text mode…)

To add to it, what if the next gens took it up…

To add to it, what if the next gens took it upon themselves to keep it an ongoing tradition? -mynamesnotchuck

Yes, they definitely do! Even with the changing of the guard on the track, the haulers still partake of their nighttime entertainment. The only difference is, where Andy iCar could sleep though anything, that’s not the case with the Apple Piston Cup team’s new racer (who just goes by Apple Car, not iCar). The Apple Car wakes up for everything. He has a setting where even as he’s sleeping, he still runs some processes and fetches data from external stimuli. And yeah, he can definitely hear the movies. He was kind enough, however, to get the team to gift all the haulers EarPods so they could watch their movie and he could sleep.

He’s a nice enough guy. Clean racer, well-spoken. But if the Apple hauler is going to be honest, he really misses Andy the iCar. Whenever Andy woke up in the morning (utterly ignorant of the night’s movie-watching shenanigans) he’d start the day by chiming “daaaaah!!!” like older Mac models (and Wall-E). And instead of singing autographs “iCar” he’d always take the time to draw a Happy Mac.


The race team is faster and smarter than ever, but the Apple Hauler will always miss Andy and all his little weirdo quirks.

I know cars can paint with stuff like what Ram…

I know cars can paint with stuff like what Ramone uses, but do you think there's other stuff they can use – like giant tire paintings? 👀

Yesssss I absolutely love this idea!! (Also lol sorry for the glacial age it took me to get back to this ask. I am terrible.) I love giant art, lol.

I’ll bet at some point the Piston Cup has brought in as trackside entertainment large scale tire speedpainters. Like, a troupe of artists who drive through paint and then drive around on pavement to create big ol’ giant works of art that you can only perceive in full from high up in the stands. Some of them are replications of famous artworks (Mona Lexus?), some of them are just like, caricatures of Darryl Cartrip or Piston Cup racers. The most ambitious of the paintings 

Naturally, RSN also had a pre-race segment where Piston Cup racers tried their hand at tire speedpainting… To variable success. Most of the racers just accepted their fate and went with doing pretty abstract tire art since they knew they didn’t know what they were doing and if they didn’t go abstract, it’d come out horrible. 

But Brick tried to draw a tree. 

There was a whole, silent minute of RSN coverage that was just an aerial view of Brick concentrating real hard and very very very very very very slowly drawing with his tires the worst stick figure tree you’ve ever seen. 

There are so. Many gifs of this.

And for the next exhibition race, Brick ran a special paint scheme that featured his silly little tree on the hood–and the artwork of a bunch of children’s art from cars the Vitoline charitable foundation had worked with over the course of the season. 😭😭😭😭😭💚

What is Lightning's least favorite piece(…

What is Lightning's least favorite piece(s) of merch?

Lightning is surprisingly chill with most of his merch–even the misshapen pillow pets; the creepy bento kits where the food is placed in his innards; the McGrill; and the CANDLE, the candle where, if lit, he melts into oblivion; and not even the RACE DAMAGE DIECASTS–because he’s never known a world where he was not frequently confronted with strange simulacra of himself. He was born in the uncanny valley and is at home in it as he is Ornament Valley. He doesn’t blink twice at all the super weirdly-shaped merch that always gives Sally pause.

Lightning actually owns a copy of every piece of merch that has ever been produced for him (not including bootleg merch–in which case, Sterling and Harv’s collections are more complete). Contrary to popular and possibly Lightning’s own belief, this is not the norm for most racers. Most racers have seen the gamut during autograph sessions, or having boxes shipped to give away at sponsor events (and, occasionally, manning their own merch trailer), but most racers do not personally own a lot of their own merch… That’s a holdover habit from Lightning’s lonely rookie year that he also sort of forgot wasn’t normal and has kept up over the years. He doesn’t keep it in his trailer anymore, or really anywhere he can actually see it, but such a collection does exist. 

Mater’s the one who keeps it catalogued and organized, so make of that what you will.

The one piece of recent merch that really does a number on his self-concept, though? 

Sphero McQueen.

LMQ’s not bothered by the scrunch-faced, floppy tire plushies. But Sphero McQueen is a little too realistic, to the point that if he’s tired enough it makes him begin to contemplate doppelganger/evil twin/Freaky Friday kinds of situations. (Even though Sphero is clearly v smol. What is scale?) 

He does not remember ever specifically recording the audio that comes out of the Sphero. Where did it come from? 

It’s unnerving, how well it captures his personality, his mannerisms. How does it do it?

The fact that Sphero likes to come alive in the night doesn’t help either.