Every time some bro on YouTube tries to argue that US Harv is a boring character I laugh in I do not tend to have overly high estimations of myself but if there’s one thing in the world I KNOW is true…

It’s that I’ve spent more time thinking about

and more time being captivated by how he presents in the movie and what that could lead his character to be beyond it, than anyone on the


And yeah, I think it’s weird that there are so many random bros on YouTube who feel strongly enough about how boring US Harv is to comment on a clip of him in Cars. What a world, what a world. XDDD

Heya, Whipple! Hope you're having a fanta…

Heya, Whipple! Hope you're having a fantastic summer day, full of NASCAR, cars, and subarus :3! I saw your Jeff Gorvette head cannons and love them! I also recently watched Jeff Gordon's farewell banquet speech on YouTube, and so I was going to ask if you could do a fic, some Head cannons, or general thoughts on what Jeff Gorvettes farewell speech/general racing goodbyes was like? Thank you, and have a happy Wednesday!! 🙂

It’s been a Time, I can tell you that much. XP There has been some NASCAR, cars, and Subarus, in addition to 50 million piles of work on too many projects, some gaslighting, an extensive Search and Rescue, misogynist fallout, end-of-life and hospice care documents, and the slow-then-fast death of a family member.

As a genre, I imagine farewell speeches in racing are all fairly boilerplate. They’re moving and heartfelt, don’t get me wrong, but all basically the same–sort of like conversations at parties or during happenstance meetups.

Jeff Gorvette’s would be different from Gordon’s, at least in terms of direction, because Gorvette is, well, a Corvette, and probably spent his full-time racing career in the Carsverse’s equivalent of IMSA. (I’ve hypothesized on this blog previously that one of the reasons the Piston Cup was so keen on lionizing rookie McQueen was because the Piston Cup of the 90s never got its Jeff Gordon. It had the King, it had Chick, and then after that… And like, if Chick’s the best it could do… lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one even noticed Chick at all until AFTER Carsverse Dale Sr. died and Chick decided to market himself as his “successor” of sorts–especially since Jr. in Carsverse doesn’t seem to have anywhere near the same cultural capital as our Jr. does. But I digress!)

The banquet, to whom the speech is addressed, what cars care the most about it–it wouldn’t be most of the cars we know, who are so fully involved in the world of the Piston Cup. It’d be mostly cars we’ve never met, barring the handful of Piston Cups fans who are also Carsverse IMSA fans, and those who remember rooting for Gorvette in the WGP, because America.

Gorvette is obviously an elite racer with a glowing record behind him–he’ll be a household name for decades to come. But culturally speaking, I don’t think he’ll ever be the Carsverse’s Jeff Gordon. Aside from his absolute die-hard fans, I don’t think most cars went to watch his farewell speech when it hit YouTube.

Do you think it it had been Smokey, River, Jun…

Do you think it it had been Smokey, River, Junior & Louise that Lightning had stumbled upon rookie year instead of Doc, they would have been able to set him straight? (Also this is Faith over on another blog, HI-DEE-HO.)

Hi Faith! <3

Honestly, I don’t think they would have bothered, haha. The only reason Smokey helped him in Cars 3 was because he knew what Lightning had meant to Doc, and what Lightning had been able to do for Doc. If Lightning had tracked loose way earlier in the drive to CA and ended up at the Cotter Pin? None of them would have given him the time of day. He could’ve torn down the entire bar by accident and they probably still would’ve dumped him out on the road somewhere.

The only reason he stayed in Radiator Springs, after all, was because of Sally and her determination to make him fix the road. Sweet Tea probably ain’t doing Lightning the same “courtesy.” XDDD Without Sally, Doc just throws Lightning out of his courtroom and out of his town. 

I’m not sure if Lightning would know who Smokey was at that time, and I’m sort of split on whether he’d know the others. Part of me wants to say yeah, because for all his focus on racing, his racing, just racing, he still seemed to have impressive knowledge of the sport’s history. At the same time, though, The Fabulous Hudson Hornet was on a whole other level from the rest. Maybe he only gained appreciation for the others and their contributions later on? Since the things he knew about Doc were 1) most wins in a single season, and 2) three Piston Cups. If he’d known more than the numbers he probably would’ve had a better idea of how Doc handled turns on dirt. XDDDD