Did your pace car ever drive on the track? I n…

Did your pace car ever drive on the track? I never saw him.

I don’t think so! Which was news to me, too, haha. The cars that actually paced the field at the race were Edge STs. Mine was a Taurus SHO and seemed to be for ceremonial/promotional purposes? It accompanied Aric Almirola in a number of promo appearances in the area:

It was parked in the Fan Zone during race week:

We were supposed to get a pace car ride (I assume in this car, not the Edges) but since it was raining, the jet dryers were on track instead, and that got cancelled this weekend.

When I think about it, it honestly makes sense that there’d be two separate classes of pace car. Because an SHO is way cooler than any Edge, ST or not, so they need like, a sporty car that can deliver that kind of high-end flavor.

But Ford also… doesn’t make the Taurus any more. /O\ They killed all their cars but the Mustang in their move to producing only trucks and crossover/SUVs–for instance the Edge ST, which is a new offering as of 2019. In terms of advertising, it doesn’t really make sense to advertise a car they no longer make; it makes a lot more sense to push their new, vaguely sporty crossovers. But at the same time they’re like, lmao, we still need a sizzle car, and the EDGE DOES NOT HAVE SIZZLE. (NB: neither does the Taurus, but the SHO does.)

Anyone who thinks the Edge does needs to have a good long think with themselves and ask them why they weren’t salivating over every red-hot, sizzling Subaru Outback the entire two decades they were crossover-ing it up, before crossovers were cool and before that word was even invented. XDDDDDD