2019 Motor City Car Show | Sellers Subaru (Mac…

2019 Motor City Car Show | Sellers Subaru (Macomb, MI)

I got to meet Atko yesterday!! Chris Atkinson races the #55 ARX Subaru supercar. A few weeks ago, he controversially won the Sunday of ARX’s most recent event at Gateway Motorsports Park in straight NASCAR fashion–coming from the back (in six laps, as the final is only 6 laps long) and taking the win with a bump and run at the last corner. It was controversial because generally time penalties are assessed for undue rubbin’ is racin’-type behavior. But the stewards ruled that he didn’t actually dump the leader; it was just an aggressive pass. He’s a super nice guy and told me I should put my nerd wagon in more car shows. XDDDD Even though most people didn’t know who he was (I feel like car guys and race fans don’t overlap as much as you’d think…) he was still impressed by the variety of Subarus at the show, and the enthusiasm for them deep in the heart of Big 3 Country.

Though ironically the showcar that came with him is a rally car, not the rallycross car, the rallycross STIs make in excess of 600hp and 680lb-ft of torque with a driver+ballast weight of 2900lbs. They go 0-60 in 1.9 seconds and can handle all the dirt, leaps, and bounds that rallycross can throw at them.

If YOU wanna see some rallycross in action, the next event is up in Canada this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. ARX streams it live for free on their FB and YT pages!!! Canada is the site first ARX event I ever watched, and it was a blast. <3333333

Also, hauler guy volunteered a pose for me of his own volition, so naturally I had to take him up on it. XD