I'm so upset for ross chastain to win and…

I'm so upset for ross chastain to win and have it taken away is bullshit I feel so bad for him wish I could give him a hug he must just be so upset by all of this he is damn if he does and damn if he doesn't fuck this sucks so damn badly for me I was so happy for him and then this now unreal new rules I hate them nobody else has their win taken away but nascar has there favorites and they pick on Ross I know they do any hoo I love him with all my heart he's such a good person

MOOD from me and my friends I was watching the race with, too. :((( It’s so rough. I don’t think it has to do with NASCAR favorites, though–if the game were rigged in that way, my wager is it’d be rigged in his favor, not against. He’s the kind of story and personality and talent NASCAR wants, and he has one of the biggest fan followings of the Trucks/Xfinity guys. It just happened that this is the first case of the harsher consequences in the new rules package.

The team is appealing the ruling, but I don’t really high hopes. I’m pretty sure no one (in Cup) who appealed last year got anything out of it. I didn’t really keep track, but I know for sure neither Elliott nor Larson got their appeals approved for their L1 penalties.

UGH it must be such an emotional rollercoaster–and a nonstop one at that. If there’s anyone who can take the hit and keep his head high and his spirits pure, though, it’s Ross Chastain. May we all aspire to be more like him. Maybe that’s the way we can get his luck to turn around. <3

ross chastain won the truck race but I think h…

ross chastain won the truck race but I think he's not racing in the xfinity race for some reason not sure why according to a nascar writer I hate that why take him out of the number 4 car and put someone in it that I have never heard of before Ross deserves so much he's the greatest love my watermelon farmer from florida

He crossed the line first, but he won’t be awarded the win nor the playoffs berth. First casualty of the new, stricter 2019 rules package around post-race inspection failures. 🙁 First DC Solar and now this? ROSS CHASTAIN DOES NOT DESERVE THIS.